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JB4 Tuning Module for BMW M2 G87 (S58)
from £786.00

JB4 Tuning Module for BMW M3/M4 G80 G81 G82 G83 (S58)
from £786.00

Tuning Modules

Enjoy increased power, torque, and a more responsive drive with a tuning module from Avon Tuning. Also known as performance tuning boxes, these add-on devices offer a way to enhance your car's performance and driving experience by interacting with your car's Engine Control Unit (ECU), the brain that manages various engine functions. The tuning module acts like a translator, intercepting signals between the ECU and various components, like the boost sensor and high pressure fuel system. By subtly adjusting these signals, the module can influence how the engine operates.

While the exact gains depend on your car's make and model, tuning boxes can unlock some of the hidden potential within your engine, making every day driving more exhilarating. By making subtle adjustments, you can tailor your car's behaviour to better suit your driving style and optimise engine performance for improved fuel efficiency. If you prefer a more spirited response, a performance tuning box can help achieve that.

Tuning modules have become increasingly popular due to newer vehicles often having ‘locked ECUs’ (ECUs that require a password to access them) which makes remapping difficult. Like a remap, tuning modules can be used to extract hidden performance from an engine. However as the ECU is not being modified as part of this process, ‘locked ECUs’ do not pose a problem.

At Avon Tuning, our tuning boxes only come from reputable brands, such as JB4 and Dimsport. If you’d like us to install your new tuning module, just get in touch. Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable about engine tuning and performance enhancement and will ensure the tuning module is configured correctly to deliver optimal results. All our tuning modules comes with comprehensive fitment instructions, so DIY fitment is available. Alternatively, you can book in at our HQ to have a tuning box professionally installed along with a rolling road session.