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Quicksilver Exhausts Quicksilver BMW M4 G82 G83 (2021 on) Standard Exit Sport Exhaust with Sound Architect Inc. Carbon Diffusor Kit with OR without OPF delete pipes.Quicksilver Exhausts Quicksilver BMW M4 G82 G83 (2021 on) Standard Exit Sport Exhaust with Sound Architect Inc. Carbon Diffusor Kit with OR without OPF delete pipes.
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Choose a Quicksilver exhaust system that will unleash the true voice of your vehicle today. Each Quicksilver exhaust is crafted from premium materials like hand welded T304 stainless steel and lightweight titanium, ensuring both unparalleled performance and exhilarating aural pleasure. These Quicksilver exhaust systems are designed to optimise exhaust flow, freeing your engine to breathe and sing. That translates to sharper throttle response, power gains, and improved fuel efficiency.

You'll find an array of Quicksilver exhausts designed for various makes and models. If you're looking for a targeted upgrade, a partial system will allow you to replace specific sections of your exhaust. Or boost performance with a Quicksilver de-cat pipe, eliminating your catalytic converter to promote smoother exhaust flow. Our wide range of sports cats will allow you to optimise exhaust flow while adhering to environmental regulations.

So, whether you're looking to improve your vehicle's overall performance or simply desire a more aggressive and sporty exhaust tone, Quicksilver has carefully engineered solutions that strike the perfect balance between form and function.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of exhausts do Quicksilver manufacturer?

Quicksilver offers a wide range of exhaust systems, that allow you to customise your vehicle’s performance, appearance, and auditory flare. If you’re seeking a targeted enhancement to your system, we offer a range of partial systems that allow you to replace specific sections of your exhaust. This flexibility ensures that you can achieve the desired performance and sound without a complete overhaul.

If you're looking to unlock more power and optimise exhaust flow, Quicksilver's de-cat pipes eliminate catalytic converters, promoting smoother exhaust flow and enhancing the overall performance of your vehicle. For vehicles equipped with Gasoline Particulate Filters (GPFs), Quicksilver GPF deletes offer an option to increase power and achieve a more assertive exhaust tone. Or, if you're passionate about achieving an optimal balance between performance and environmental responsibility, Quicksilver's sports cats are engineered to deliver improved exhaust flow while maintaining emissions compliance. These high-performance catalytic converters provide an avenue for you to seek an upgraded driving experience without compromising your commitment to environmental standards.

If you’re looking for a more dynamic and personalised driving soundtrack, Quicksilver's active sound control systems allow you to adjust the exhaust note to your preferences, providing an immersive driving experience.

What is the history of Quicksilver Exhausts?

Established in the late 1970s in the United Kingdom, Quicksilver began as a small-scale operation specialising in the restoration of classic cars. The founders, driven by their enthusiasm for automobiles and precision engineering, soon expanded their focus to include exhaust systems, recognising the pivotal role they play in a vehicle's overall performance and character.

In the early years, Quicksilver gained a reputation for crafting bespoke exhaust solutions for classic and high-performance cars. As the demand for their products grew, Quicksilver expanded its manufacturing capabilities and product range, becoming a leading name in the world of premium exhaust systems.

Over the decades, Quicksilver evolved with advancements in automotive technology. The brand's exhaust systems became synonymous with a perfect blend of performance, aesthetics, and distinctive sound. Whether it was a classic Ferrari or a modern sports car, Quicksilver's exhaust solutions were tailored to meet the unique demands of each vehicle, solidifying the company's status as a trusted choice among automotive enthusiasts.

As Quicksilver continued to innovate and push the boundaries of exhaust technology, they diversified their product offerings to cater to a broader market. Today, Quicksilver Exhausts stands as a global brand, recognised for its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, quality materials, and the art of creating exhaust systems that not only enhance performance but also deliver an unparalleled driving experience.


PLEASE BE AWARE: Sports cats can NOT legally be installed on a vehicle for use on a public road that was manufactured after 1st March 2001 unless type ECE 103R approved - this can be identified in either the product description and/or in the Technical Information section listed. If you have any doubt on this approval, please contact us immediately for confirmation. Fitting a De-Cat/Cat Bypass, DPF delete/bypass or GPF delete/bypass to a vehicle that is to be used on UK roads will cause the vehicle to fail the MOT emissions test, therefore rendering it unroadworthy and illegal to be used on the road. Therefore, any such products are strictly sold as off-road or motorsport use only and NOT for road use. The vehicle should be transported from place to place via a trailer, flatbed or other recovery means.


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