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Scorpion GPF-Back System with Electronic Valve for BMW M240i 2018-2019 Daytona TailpipeScorpion GPF-Back System with Electronic Valve for BMW M240i 2018-2019 Daytona Tailpipe
Scorpion GPF-Back System for BMW M240i with Daytona Tips
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Now £731.25
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Scorpion Exhausts For Sale

In the late eighties, two engineers began developing high-performance stainless-steel exhausts systems and by 1992 Scorpion was born. Since then, they have been technical partners with championship winning motorsport teams and their engineers transfer and apply race-proven technologies with premium products that can be fitted directly onto your road vehicle.

All Scorpion exhausts are designed, developed, and manufactured in the UK where British engineering standards are a guarantee of quality and great craftmanship. Their talented engineers are constantly developing new and pioneering exhaust systems and their research and development programme, where performance, reliability and acoustics are constantly tested and refined, is one of the most intensive within the industry. By optimising the exhaust flow and reducing backpressure in your Scorpion exhaust will deliver noticeable improvements in horsepower and torque as well as a deeper, more aggressive sound.

Every exhaust in Scorpion’s range is an engineering work of art, individually hand built by craftsmen in their Derbyshire headquarters. You’ll be impressed with the detailed workmanship and quality finish of each component part. Choose from full or partial systems, rear silencers, decats, sports cats, and more. Our team of experts are on hand to help if you need any advice or information while choosing your performance part upgrades.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Sports cats can NOT legally be installed on a vehicle for use on a public road that was manufactured after 1st March 2001 unless type ECE 103R approved - this can be identified in either the product description and/or in the Technical Information section listed. If you have any doubt on this approval, please contact us immediately for confirmation. Fitting a De-Cat/Cat Bypass, DPF delete/bypass or GPF delete/bypass to a vehicle that is to be used on UK roads will cause the vehicle to fail the MOT emissions test, therefore rendering it unroadworthy and illegal to be used on the road. Therefore, any such products are strictly sold as off-road or motorsport use only and NOT for road use. The vehicle should be transported from place to place via a trailer, flatbed or other recovery means.


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