ITG Air Induction Kits

ITG, or Induction Technology Group, are known for their innovative air filtration and induction systems that can make a significant difference to your vehicle's power and efficiency. If you’re looking to maximise the performance of your daily driver or elevate your car's capabilities on the track, ITG's range of products are a top choice. ITG air filters are meticulously designed to maximise airflow while filtering out contaminants, to improve your engine’s efficiency and power output. Their innovative TriFoam technology, a unique triple-layer foam construction, effectively captures contaminants while maintaining optimal airflow. This results in improved engine efficiency, increased horsepower, and enhanced throttle response. Our ITG air induction kits are tailored to your specific vehicle and include not only the high-performance air filter but also the necessary components to optimise the entire intake system. By upgrading to an ITG induction kit, you’ll experience noticeable gains in both horsepower and torque.

ITG is known for its extensive motorsport involvement, with its products often seen in competitive racing environments. If you're passionate about motorsports or track days, you'll appreciate that ITG's products have been tested and proven under extreme conditions, ensuring they can handle the demands of high-performance driving.

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