Dimsport Rapid TPM for 2.0L Ford Ranger EcoBlue

Dimsport Rapid TPM for 2.0L Ford Ranger EcoBlue



Product Description

The Ford EcoBlue 2.0 engine is controlled by a SID212 ECU which is still un-tuneable through conventional methods due to high levels of encryption.

We have been developing a custom map to load onto the Dimsport TPM module which has yielded some impressive gains. Unsurprisingly in stock format the 2.0 EcoBlue engine didn’t hit the factory figures, coming in 19 hp and 14 nm under the claimed power and torque output. However, with the TPM module installed and our final custom map loaded, we achieved an additional 27 hp and 80 nm of torque:

Factory Spec: 213 hp and 500 nm
Actual: 194 hp and 486 nm
Rapid TPM Tuned: 221 hp and 566 nm

More info on the TPM system:

Rapid TPM (Turbo Power Management) has been developed for the latest generation of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. The modules are equipped with a Microprocessor, FLASH EEPROM and RAM EEPROM to gain full control of the relevant pressure sensors. The modules can intervene and control CAN BUS signals and can even handle the latest SAE J2716 SENT communication protocols.

The TPM modules are preprogrammed with a recommended turbo / fuel map, however advanced installers such as ourselves are able to connect our laptop directly to the TPM module to log data and adjust the TPM map, giving us the ability to fully customise the TPM map for each given vehicle and customer requirements.

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